Sign the Charter of Compassion for Care

The Charter of Compassion for Care is a document that wants to inspire everybody involved to restore compassion as the core principle of healthcare. Supported by more and more professionals, organisations and governmental bodies the Charter of Compassion for Care activates the Golden Rule in healthcare: treat others as you would want to be treated. Read the Charter.

have affirmed the charter so far. Add your name now!

Everyone who signs the charter contributes to strengthening the call to restore compassion in healthcare. Make your voice heard so the human dimension returns in healthcare organizations and education.

Compassionated from Roland Pupupin on Vimeo.

Salmaan Sana at TEDxMaastricht April 4, 2011

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Vereniging VVAA
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Bohn Stafleu van Loghum   Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (BSL) is de grootste crossmediale uitgever voor de gezondheidszorg en het (para)medisch onderwijs in Nederland. Het portfolio van BSL bestaat uit meer dan 1800 (e-)boeken, 80 tijdschriften, online (kennis)portals, 2000 praktijkwebsites en 100 congressen.  BSL is onderdeel van Springer Media.
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Carrièrecentrum voor Artsen (CCVA) SWG Arts en Werk werk is hét arbeidsbemiddelingsbureau van artsen, voor artsen en is landelijk werkzaam in alle sectoren. Het is opgericht door de grootste artsenverenigingen. SWG geeft haar winst onder andere als subsidies terug aan de gezondheidszorg. Het Carrièrecentrum voor Artsen helpt artsen in de zoektocht naar authentiek handelen door middel van individuele loopbaanbegeleiding [...]
UMC St Radboud UMC St Radboud / Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center is the driver behind innovation in its own organisation and beyond. The Center creates awareness for, performs research on and organises a range of conferences about participatory healthcare and health 2.0 / healthcare innovation. Restoring compassion in healthcare is a key part of that effort. That is [...]
Charter for Compassion   The ‘Charter for Compassion’ movement started with the TEDtalk by British author on religion, Karen Armstrong. Their goals is to restore compassion into the heart of our community with our moral and religious traditions as its central principle. The charter has been composed by representatives and leaders from many countries and world religions.