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Charter of Compassion for Care

We believe everyone has the capacity to be compassionate: to treat others as you would wish to be treated. To be kind and tender, generous and forgiving, hospitable, helpful and attentive, curious, listening and present, empathic and connected, respectful, understanding and acknowledging. It takes courage, self-reflection and self-compassion.

We believe compassion in healthcare has the power to restore balance between efficiency and humanity, between control and trust. Being compassionate towards patients and their families is vital for a healing experience. This also means they need to be actively involved in a shared effort of care and cure. Being compassionate towards co-workers enhances team work and stimulates the passion to help and cure.

We want to start a movement to put compassion at the heart of the healthcare system. We will build a community connecting people and organizations already acting on these frontiers. Share ideas, experience and knowledge to promote compassion in healthcare. We want to restore compassion from the roots: the healthcare educational system. Promote and support educational programs and systems that embed compassion. We want to gather, share, promote and support research into the nature, benefits and use of compassion in healthcare. Build a scientific body of evidence based best practices.

We invite healthcare professionals to make compassion a guiding principle in the shared ambition to create a healing environment and a stimulating workplace. Government, healthcare providers, healthcare educational organizations and individual healthcare professionals have a unique responsibility in facilitating this process. This can be achieved through motivated cultural change towards education, true team work and open communication. Every employee in the organization from doctor to cleaner will be valued and heard as a vital team member. The authority to solve problems and fulfill patients’ needs will be given to every individual. By creating an emotionally safe environment, team members will be permitted to learn from mistakes in a continuous cycle of improvement. Teams will be challenged to use the power of imagination to ignite compassion aiming for every act of curing and caring to be a positive and memorable experience. Every professional will act as a role model for new team members and trainees. The expertise of every team member including patients and families, will be actively increased, used and valued on the road to participatory healthcare.


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