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UMC St Radboud / Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center is the driver behind innovation in its own organisation and beyond. The Center creates awareness for, performs research on and organises a range of conferences about participatory healthcare and health 2.0 / healthcare innovation. Restoring compassion in healthcare is a key part of that effort. That is why Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center is co-founder of Compassion for Care and hosted the kick-off conference in 2011. Restoring compassion starts by adjusting the educational curricula of at universities and schools in healthcare. The UMC St Radboud has made its first small steps based on its own organisational vision that a patient should be a member of his own healthcare team.

Read the (Dutch) blog by Lucien Engelen, ambassador Health 2.0 at the Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center about why he thinks Compassion for Care is so important.

www.reshapehealthcare.eu / http://radboudreshapecenter.com


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