Medisch studenten zoeken compassie in opleiding en werk

Anne Spanjaart

Medical students have started a movement that wants to restore compassion to the core of their education and career: Compassion for Care. They are students at different Dutch medical universities and members of IFMSA-NL. Anne Spanjaart, medical student at VU University in Amsterdam (VUmc): “Education and work are not about helping people anymore. It is about competition and a battle of egos. This results in large numbers of overworked, addicted and depressed doctors. We think that compassion as an intrinsic drive can cause a change.” The movement is also supported by UMC St Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center and will present itself at TEDxMaastricht.

Salmaan Sana

Students that are being educated for medical professions often start their studies full of passion. During their education a lot of them lose this passion. Patients become numbers and cases. During their internship 33 percent of students become disillusioned. Twenty percent of residents show signs of a burn out. Forty percent of doctors suffer from chronic fatigue. Salmaan Sana, also a medical student at VUmc: “They have seen their ideals crushed in a merciless system in which solidarity, collegiality, shared experiences and the job satisfaction that comes with them have no place.” These developments are putting the labour market for healthcare professionals under pressure. The large amount of chronically fatigued, unmotivated healthcare professionals is also getting in the way of patient care. (more…)


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